Premium Wine

Majestic три



Vranec is quality semi-dry red wine from the Macedonian indigenous grape variety Vranec. Complex aromas of blackcurrant and blueberry fruits and a hint of chocolate. Medium bodied with a sweet-astringent taste.


Chardonnay is quality semi-dry white wine with a golden yellow color. A floral hawthorn bouquet, with notes of honey and butter. Elegant wine with a pleasant, fresh long finish.


Pinot Rose is quality semi-dry rosè wine made from grapes of the Pinot noir variety. Noticeable notes of blackcurrant and raspberry. A light, deliciously sweet and fresh wine, with a caramel aftertaste.



0.75 l, Cork cap 0.75 l: 6 unit/box, 105 box/pallete, 630 unit/pallete, 7.58 kg/box