Vegetable Oil




Refined vegetable oil is a mixture of several kinds of vegetable oil. During the production of this kind of oil, the technologists combine the optimum mixture of several kinds of oil from different oil crops, generating a better stability (sustainability) of the oil, and the necessary nutritious and biological characteristics. This oil is recommended for multiple uses in cooking.


The bottling and packing of the refined vegetable oil is carried out under the total protection of inert gas which gives the oil a longer shelf-life of 12 months, as declared on the package. The cardboard packaging, which protects the oil from the sunlight and thus prevents oxidation, also enhances the shelf-life of the edible oil.


1000 ml, 15 b/box   
3000 ml, 4 b/box    
4750 ml, 4 b/box   
5000 ml, 4 b/box  
10000 ml, 4 b/box