Lemon Flavoured

Sparkling zolta



About the well-spring


The well-spring gives water which is the most enriched water with magnesium (Mg) on the Balkan region. It is located in ecological clean environment.
The well-spring is 186 meters deep, and it is modern structure according to the highest European standards, protected from atmospheric and surface water with 60 meters deep double cementation.
The water from the well-spring runs on its nature course and is filled as sparkling water lemon flavoured in glass and plastic packing from 0,25l, 0,5l and 1,5l.



1500 ml, 6 unit/box  Chemical components
sparkling lemon 500ml

1 liter mineral water, apart from many other minerals, contains the following main ingredients:


Magnesium 250 mg

Sodium 400 mg

Bicarbonates 2500 mg

Selenium 0,001 mg

Potassium 50 mg

Calcium 55 mg

Chlorides 64 mg

Sulfates 150 mg

Fluorides 1mg

500 ml, 12 unit/box  This mineral water is treasury of other minerals too: 
Still 250ml


*Sodium keeps the balance of the water in the organism. It actively affects the numerous enzymes.
*Calcium is relevant in the blood thickening process, stimulation of the muscles and nerves, it is significant element for strengthening the teeth and bones and it is essential for osteoporosis prevention.
*Selenium is antioxidant and acts protectively of the muscles, heart, liver, pancreas and erythrocytes. It act positive on potency, pregnancy, respiratory problems, eye sight and it decreases the climacteric changes.
*Sulfates participate in creating amino acids, and along with magnesium are protecting and purifying the gastric mucus.

250 ml, 12 unit/box Shelf-life: 12 months